Yoga & Meditation.

Yoga @ Doah

Doah fest presents a unique experience in partnership with . 532Yoga’s mission is pretty simple: great teachers, great classes and superbly happy students! They want to offer ‘the best’ and serve the community through sharing their knowledge, passion and love.


Yoga @ Doah is an opportunity to work with great instructors in a setting that is conducive to relaxation and introspection. If you have no previous yoga experience, this is your opportunity to discover its benefits. The 532Yoga crew will guide you and ease you into it.


If you are a more experienced practitioner, some sessions are just right for you, designed to help you strengthen your practice.

After a night of dancing and celebration your body will thank Doah and 532Yoga. Join us every morning for Yoga @ Doah!

Connect with the Studio

Morning Meditation

Start your day at Doah with a moment of peace sitting on the banks of The Shenandoah. Quiet the mind, breathe in the clean air and start the day with clarity and peace.

Join us in the sweet Shenandoah mornings for guided meditation by highly experienced guides soon to be announced.