While @ Doah

While At Doah

LEAVE NO TRACE. More like create no trace. All that should be left behind are the echoes of your sweet sweet memories. Just because it’s a farm doesn’t mean you have to live in a pigsty. Keep it clean. Reduce waste, and help and encourage others to do the same, both on the farm and Out There. Please dispose of your trash properly.

DON’T BE THAT GUY/ GAL Inevitably, someone is going to do something unsafe, illegal or stupid and put a dent in everyone else’s good time. Don’t let it be you. Besides, your memories are 56x more powerful if you actually remember them. Please drink responsibly, enough so that your doesn’t spoil others fun. We want all attendees to have a great experience. Anyone acting in a way that endangers themselves or others or is disrupting the festival will be asked to leave.

RADIATE POSITIVITY Don’t just sponge up the good times, kick them back to others. Embrace new people, art and ideas, and help others do the same. Making it better for everyone makes it better for you. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

BE PREPARED Doah Fest takes place outdoors in August in the Shenandoah Mountains, not a resort in the Caribbean. Protect yourself. Pack a hat, breathable clothing and plenty of water. Prepare for all contingencies and be self-sufficient. Take personal responsibility, which includes hydration.