Volunteer FAQ

Why are you requesting my credit card information? Doah Fest relies on committed volunteers to create an amazing experience. We want the volunteers and ticket holders to enjoy the weekend! Unfortunately in the past volunteers have not completed their shifts and dedicated volunteers had to work double duty. Any volunteer that does not show up to their scheduled shifts will still be able to enjoy Doah Fest but will be charged for a general admission ticket ($89).  Still have questions? Please contact sarah@doahfest.com

What is the minimum age to volunteer?  You must be 18 years old by the time you sign the waiver and obtain your volunteer ticket.

What do I get for volunteering? Volunteers receive a full event ticket, a Doah Fest Volunteer t-shirt, 2 meal and drink tickets, and the awesome behind the scenes Doah Fest experience.

Can I upgrade my volunteer ticket to a Dream ticket? Unfortunately no. However, Dream ticket holders are encouraged to volunteer!

Can I work with my friends? Yes! Please indicate in the assignment preferences and the volunteer coordinator will prioritize to schedule you and your friends together.

How can I guarantee that I get to work in a specific assignment? Please indicate in the assignment comments section where you would like to work. We cannot guarantee any assignments but we guarantee you will still have a great time!

How much time does a volunteer have to commit? Volunteers at the festival are required to work a minimum of two 4-hour shifts.

When will I get my schedule? The schedule will be emailed the week before the festival. Any last minute changes will be available onsite at the volunteer check-in tent.

What if I have to cancel my volunteership? Volunteers can cancel their application at any time by emailing the volunteer coordinator (sarah@doahfest.com). Any volunteer that cancels and still wants to attend must buy a ticket.

At the event:

When am I expected to show up for the event? All volunteers are required to show up on Thursday, June 6. Orientation is at noon for on-site volunteer orientation and safety rules. Any conflicts, please contact the volunteer coordinator. This also gives you a chance to set-up your campsite and settle in before the festivities begin!

What if I am unable to show up on Thursday? We totally understand not everyone is available. Please contact the volunteer coordinator for special instructions.

Where do I sign in at the festival? You will check in at the main gate upon arrival on Thursday. All volunteers will check in at the volunteer tent before their scheduled assignments.

What are the general volunteer responsibilities?


  • Complete your shifts. This helps the festival run smoothly so everyone can have a great time!
  • Check in at the volunteer tent 10 minutes prior to shift so you can get instructions and updates.
  • Check in at the volunteer tent after your shift so your hours get counted!
  • No drugs or alcohol allowed during shifts.
  • Closed toe shoes are advised.
  • General code of conduct is appreciated – lying, stealing, engaging in illegal activities, breach of waiver, unsafe behavior, or disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated.


What kind of duties do volunteers perform? Volunteers perform an array of tasks depending on the assignment. If you have a medical or special concerns that may limit your ability to perform a task (i.e. heavy lifting, allergies) please note on your application!

I am coming with regular festival attendees. How does that work? Volunteers are required to be at the festival on Thursday for orientation. Please note: orientation starts Thursday July 6 at noon.  Regular ticket holders accompanying a Volunteer are more than welcome to come in early. If you are unable to attend the orientation contact sarah@doahfest.com.

What happens if i fail to perform my volunteer duties (i.e. fail to attend my assigned shifts)? Doah Fest relies on volunteers to get things done so everyone (including the volunteers) can have an awesome time! Volunteers who come to the event and don’t fulfill their duties will be charged $89 for a general admission ticket to the credit card provided on the application.  So please make sure you check in with your supervisor to get your hours counted! If you cannot attend the event – please contact the volunteer coordinator (sarah@doahfest.com).
Where may I direct questions not listed on the website or application? Please contact our volunteer coordinator at sarah@doahfest.com with any additional questions.