The Traveling Salesman of Magical Instruments?

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]n honest traveling salesman? Musical instruments built from discarded parts of lesser instruments that no one, not even the salesman, know how to play? A sleight of hand of a show that remind us of the gypsies in One Hundred Years of Solitude?

This summer, artist and recent Mason graduate Raymond Baccari brings his senior project to Doah Fest.At the core of this body of work, Ray has developed a set of nontraditional instruments, consisting of prefabricated and custom fabricated parts. There is no proper way to use any of these instruments. The intent is to facility a playfulness between the audience and the instruments in an embodied conversation between the two.
Raymond then engages the audience as a Vaudeville street performance of the late 19th century and the caricature of the traveling salesman.

Inspired by elements found in Vaudeville performances and the Neo-Dada’s approach, the goal is clear: the artist begins a process then handles it off to the audience to finish, creating an environment where the lines between reality and performance, artists and audience, possible and impossible, become indistinguishable.

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