Safety Guides


We are taking great care in bringing good and friendly people to Doah Fest. Although we know that the atmosphere will be one of camaraderie and good will, it is always a good idea to be conscious of safety.

  • Don’t bring anything of great value.  Anything that may be of value to you should be kept in a locked vehicle.

  • While Doah Fest is happening on a large, open site, there may be some crowding, and in those cases don’t push or shove through. Be patient, go with the flow, we’re all here to have fun.

  • Make friends with your neighbors, they might help to keep an eye on your tent and campsite

  • Organize meeting points with your friends in case of separation, or at regular time periods to make sure everyone is ok and having fun.

  • Keep hydrated, this will make sure you don’t succumb to dehydration or sickness from overheating.  Drink lots of water or sports drinks without alcohol.

  • Do not over-consume alcohol, you don’t want to lose control of yourself or forget the awesome time you’re going to have.

  • Be aware of your surroundings; know what is going on around you and the people you’re with.