Of Tomorrow

Jonathan Modell and Nicholas Soderstrom teamed up for the first time at a jam session in Fairfax VA. Several jams later, we decided to produce a recording showcasing the power of improvisational music with the intention of capturing those moments that the collective tentacles move together to do the work of a seemingly higher mind. Thus, Squids of Tomorrow was born at Cue studios with the help of Greg Loman (Guitar – Funk Ark), Ralph Washington (Keys – Oddisee) and James Halle (Guitar – Projected Man), some of my favorite musicians I have been lucky enough to share the stage with over the past few years.

This endeavor is more about songs and musicians than it is about perfect productions or perfection of any kind, or even knowing exactly who will be performing with us at upcoming shows. . Real life, real animals are not perfectly polished, flawless, pitch shifted trickery. As long we collectively project that ideal, it is my belief we will forever be disappointed in our own wonderful capabilities to amass amazing skills and connect with others in our brief moments on this planet.

This group is about writing what we want to write, playing what we need to play and showcasing musical our musical truth, a truth that will change from moment to moment as we create a sequel to the musical past and push forward to evolve into something that breaks boundaries in the moment of performance.

The Squids of Tomorrow represents just that to me. Squids are ancient animals that have evolved with incredible variety – from giant to minuscule, some glowing, some vibrantly colored, some gray and they move in many directions. They continue to produce new and unusual varieties, without any seeming perfect final form.

Exactly who will be present at any given show (beyond Nick and I) will be unclear, but we promise skill, connection, jazz, jamming, soul and musical truth each and every time.

Please enjoy these early sounds – book us, follow us, collaborate with us, evolve with us, critique us, celebrate with us, and look out, Our next recording session will be in December and we have already written 7 new songs.

With great hopes that you too move in your own direction, whatever that may be,

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