Visual Arts

Art! Art! Art!

This year we are working hard to showcase an impressive variety of art and artists at Doah Fest. Performance art, body and face painting, graffiti, self-expression, live art, artistic installations and many surprises will be a part of Doah Fest.

Nena Depaz

We are happy to welcome back the incredibly talented artist Nena Depaz who both curates and creates the Doah Fest experience. Last year she simply out did herself by building stunning pieces from the giant Mammoth to the gorgeous Daughter of The Stars. This year there is no doubt she will once again surprise and inspire us on The Farm at Doah Fest.

Express Yourself

Doah Fest is a hands on experience so let your creative side breathe and create with us. At Doah Fest we want you to express yourself in any possible way, so we encourage you to not only witness art but also to help create it. We will soon announce more visual artists and projects that will make your Doah experience more colorful and interesting.