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Chris and Chip Cosby grew up in the suburbs of Richmond, Virginia. Early on, the brothers took a liking to 80’s pop culture from Nightmare on Elm Street to Back To The Future to the super cheesy martial arts movies starring Jean Claude Van Damme. It was a time when the United States economy was booming, people still bought records, Blockbuster still populated every street corner, and social media wasn’t the dominant influence on society. However, more importantly for the brothers this decade represented the golden era of catchy melodies and pop sensibility. The nostalgia for this period of their lives became the foundation of what would eventually become Heartracer. Chris and Chip had finally come together after years playing separately. After all Chris wasn’t always aware of his music ability. He grew up watching his older brother Chip play in bands his whole life, but it wasn’t until the suicide of a close friend that Chris realized his musical ability. As a mechanism to cope with his grief Chris began playing on the piano in his parents living room, using singing and songwriting as a form of catharsis. As Chris’ abilities blossomed he began sending the tracks that would eventually become their debut record In Flight via email to his brother Chip in San Francisco. Chip, who was about to call it quits on music all together realized that his brother Chris had an uncanny ability to write pop music. Chip returned to his hometown of Richmond, VA and together, united with his brother for the first time in five years, a new musical chapter was created. In the summer of 2014 Chris was inside his home studio above his garage next to a broken AC unit playing a little melody and singing the words “If you go where I go, then you’ll fall where I fall.” A simple, yet poignant line about transcendence. A song about the way a song should make you feel if you will. Why are human beings drawn to sound? What is that we love music so much and how does something so simple make us feel so much? That was the inspiration for what eventually became the single “Heartracer.” Little did the brothers know that at this time this song would come to define their signature and distinctive retro­electro pop sound and would eventually be chosen to be their identity. The pulsing and shimmering synth in the sweat of a summer afternoon paved the way to their sophomore release Summer Gold. This EP showed confidence and maturity in the direction of Heartracer’s signature and distinctive sound and gave Heartracer their first national exposure. Since then Heartracer has toured and played with several international acts to at capacity crowds Future Islands, Banks, The Peach Kings, Priory, and Third Eye Blind. Joined by drummer and percussionist Bryan Reyes, Heartracer will be unveiling their brand new single “Dream Girl” in July 2016 with an EP to follow.

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