Music in the Right Hands



We are happy to be working again with
, a 501(c)(3) charity organization that supports music education & cultural enrichment by acquiring & distributing quality musical instruments to underserved children with willing instructors and a hunger to play.

Hungry for Music’s most important service is putting musical instruments into hungry hands.
They serve children who demonstrate a desire to learn music as well as teachers who have students willing to learn. Music has the ability to heal, it soothes tension and has the ability to transform sadness and aggression to hope and creativity.

How can I help?

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Simple: Bring any and all musical instruments you are not using anymore and they’ll make sure they reach the hands of a child that wants it and needs it.

Hungry for Music is also having a silent auction at Doah. Stop by their booth and place a bit on something that catches your eye. All profits for this auction are going to make sure children all over the world have the opportunity and the blessing of having music being part of their lives.

Connect with the Charity

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Plan on camping at the festival this year, but don’t want the hassle of traveling with all of your camping gear? Allow us to introduce our official gear partner:


They’re a social enterprise selling tents and gear that you can pick up when you arrive. By purchasing equipment through the festival, you’ll save both money and a stop to a big-box store. Afterwards, any unwanted gear is donated to refugees and disaster relief organizations. Consider this will-call style model if you need to grab gear – skip the store, crowd source your purchasing power with other attendees, and support the community.

For more info on how Project Shelter works at Doah Fest, check out this flow chart.
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