BBOX ERA is a four-piece jam pop act from college park,
maryland. the members consist of douglas burdette (guitar), mitchell faulkner (percussion), randy hayek (keyboards,vocals), and john pellegrino (saxophone/ewi), four friends from the same hometown that have grown together physically, mentally, and musically since childhood. their unique sound is a combination of new-tech and traditional musical elements, with a penchant for instrumental breakdowns and dance friendly choruses. the band brings together slick pop tunes with an electro-smooth twist, complete with winding jams to tie it all together. what began as a rising staple in the local college house party scene has morphed into an incredible full stage production, opening and headlining sold out shows across the d.c./maryland/virginia area. BOX ERA’s meteoric rise has begun, as 2016 is set to be their defiant year.

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