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Rock reggae vibes with hard rock riffs, hip-hop flow, smooth brass licks and rock-steady hooks. 9 Mile Roots is a Suburban Roots Reggae band based out of the Baltimore / DC metro.  Built behind a solid group of musicians pulling from diverse backgrounds, the music delivers creative tunes that have a strong reggae vibe with a bouncy hip-hop flow and a bit of a rock edge.  Boasting a high energy sound and a dynamic stage show, 9 Mile Roots keeps the crowd on their toes with a commanding presence and booming melody hooks.  Their full horn section compliments the typical rock band line-up; combining catchy melodies with strong riffs and a reggae-funk-overtone, consistently blending up well known aspects of the rock and reggae genres.

9 Mile Roots Band Members:

Jay Randell – Lead Vocals, Trumpet, Percussion

Dave Muse – Drums

Josh Behun – Bass

Matt Huss – Guitar, Vocals

Ryan McDonough – Lead Guitar

Matt Foote – Bari Sax

Casey Masters – Trumpet

Gabe Andino – Tenor Sax, Vocals